10 Sexy New Julianna Peña Bikini Pics

Julianna Peña Bikini

Welcome to an exclusive gallery featuring the stunning Julianna Peña in some of her most beautiful bikini moments! This MMA fighter and UFC champion turned actress is no stranger to looking amazing, and today we’re here to show you why. From her high-fashion swimwear looks to her daring poses on the beach, she always manages to make a splash. Get ready for some serious sun-soaked inspiration as we take you through a selection of Julianna Peña’s best bikini photos.

Julianna Peña Bikini Pics

About Julianna Peña

Julianna Peña is an MMA star, famously known as the first female to win The Ultimate Fighter. She’s had a successful career since her 2009 pro debut, winning her first four fights and eventually being recognised with the 2013 Comeback of the Year award for her amazing victory over Shayna Baszler. Julianna also appeared in the popular 2013 martial arts documentary Fight Life – how cool is that? Her sister Grace Pena works as a meteorologist, making them quite a powerhouse family! Julianna joins Rashad Evans in having both won UFCs The Ultimate Fighter.