6 Sexy Hot Emma Gretzky Bikini Pics

Emma Gretzky Bikini

The world was already abuzz with news of professional ice hockey player, Wayne Gretzky’s daughter Emma Gretzky’s beauty and talent. But now we have even more to talk about – the stunning pictures of her latest bikini photoshoot! From sun-kissed beaches to chic city backdrops, Emma looks absolutely breathtaking in every shot. In this article, we will explore all of the amazing photos and give you a closer look at Emma’s unique style. So sit back, relax and get ready for a visual treat as we take an up close and personal look at one of our favorite family members!

Emma Gretzky Bikini Pics

About Emma Gretzky

Emma Gretzky is the youngest daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones, born and raised in Los Angeles. Like her dad, she’s an athlete too! She made headlines when Justin Bieber cancelled his meet and greet on his Purpose tour to meet with just her backstage for her 13th birthday. Emma is one of five kids – she has three older brothers: Tristan, Trevor and Ty, plus a sister named Paulina. She even appeared in the movie Palo Alto starring Emma Roberts and James Franco!