10 Hot New Janet Jones Bikini Pics

Janet Jones Bikini

Janet Jones, the stunning movie actress known for her captivating performances, has also turned heads with her impeccable sense of style and grace. Her bikini photos exude a sense of confidence and allure, showcasing her natural beauty and poise. With a diverse and successful career in the entertainment industry, Janet Jones has become a beloved figure for her striking presence on and off the screen. Explore a collection of alluring bikini photos of Janet Jones and witness the timeless charm and elegance of this celebrated actress.

Janet Jones Bikini Pics

About Janet Jones

Janet Jones (born January 10, 1961) is an American actress best known for her roles in films such as Annie, The Beastmaster, and A League of Their Own. She was born in Bridgeton, Missouri and initially worked as a model before pursuing acting.

In addition to her notable film appearances, Jones also starred in American Anthem and Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach. In 1988, she married hockey legend Wayne Gretzky with whom she has five children – Paulina, Emma, Tristan, Trevor, and Ty.

Jones made headlines in 2006 after denying allegations that she intended to place an illegal bet on the Super Bowl on behalf of her husband. Despite this controversy, Janet Jones continues to be recognized for her contributions to the entertainment industry.