10 Hot New Janet Jones Bikini Pics

Janet Jones Bikini

Janet Jones is a stunning actress and singer who has been in the spotlight for decades. Recently, her bikini photos have gone viral on social media, sparking an internet-wide frenzy. From the beaches of Hawaii to the shores of Mexico, Janet’s sultry beach body has captured hearts around the world. Not only has she received praise from fans across all ages and backgrounds, but her pictures are some of the most talked about and shared images on social media right now. With her undeniable beauty and her enviable physique, it’s no wonder that interest in Janet’s bikini pics continues to grow with each passing day. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to enjoy some eye candy, check out this post to get a closer look at Janet Jones’ breathtaking bikini shots!

Janet Jones Bikini Pics

About Janet Jones

Janet Jones is an actress best known for her roles in Annie, The Beastmaster, and A League of Their Own. She also had parts in American Anthem and Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach. Before getting into acting she was a model from Missouri. In 2006 it was rumored that she’d placed a bet on the Super Bowl on behalf of her husband Wayne Gretzky – which she denied. They married in 1988 and have 5 kids: Paulina, Emma, Tristan, Trevor, and Ty. Fun fact: Madonna co-starred with Janet in A League of Their Own!