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Zuzanna Szadkowski Bikini

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Zuzanna Szadkowski Bikini Pics

About Zuzanna Szadkowski

Zuzanna Szadkowski is a Polish TV actress born on October 22, 1978, in Warsaw, Poland. She is best known for her role as Dorota Kishlovsky in the popular television series Gossip Girl and also appeared in a webseries spin-off called Chasing Dorota.

Before gaining fame, Szadkowski made her television debut in 2006 with two roles in an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, later reprising those roles in a 2007 episode of the series. Additionally, she had an uncredited role as a Polish maid in the action comedy film Tower Heist that was deleted from the final cut.

Szadkowski moved to the United States at three years old after being born in Warsaw, Poland.