7 Latest Hot Zhenya Kotova Bikini Pics

Zhenya Kotova Bikini

Zhenya Kotova is a rising star in the modeling world and her newest shoot has caught everyone’s attention. The stunning model recently posed for a bikini photoshoot on the beaches of Miami, and the photos are breathtaking. Kotova’s toned figure and striking features were highlighted in the vibrant two-piece swimsuit she chose for the shoot. From wild beach waves to poolside lounging, these photos of Zhenya Kotova prove that she is one of this season’s most sought after models. See all of her gorgeous shots below!

Zhenya Kotova Bikini Pics

About Zhenya Kotova

Zhenya Kotova is an international child model who first made waves when she appeared on the cover of Vogue Russia in October 2015. She’s since gained a following of over 190K people on Instagram, and was signed to Alessandro Borelli Milano Modeling Agency. In early 2017 she even got interviewed by Radio Kids FM! Her mum, Olga Kotova, looks after her Insta account as well as managing Zhenya’s modelling career. Both Zhenya and Kristina Pimenova started modelling while they were still kids – so cool!