10 Hot Yuya Bikini Pics

Yuya Bikini

We all know the YouTube sensation Yuya, but she’s making headlines again with her latest photos in a bikini. The Mexican social media star has taken the internet by storm for years and consistently rocks her daring fashion choices. After recently posting a few shots of herself vacationing in a cute two-piece swimsuit, we can’t help but to be mesmerized by her beauty and body confidence! If you’re wondering what Yuya is up to these days, read on for more details about her recent vacation pics as well as some of our favorite moments from this fashion icon’s illustrious career.

Yuya Bikini Pics

About Yuya

Yuya is a massive YouTube star with over 24 million subscribers on her channel. She’s best known for vlogging about beauty, and she even worked as one of the promotional voices for the United Nations! Before she became an online sensation, Yuya studied ballet and theater as a child. She created her first YouTube account at 16 when she won a makeup contest. Now, Yuya has two channels: one for videos about beauty and another called yuyacst where she posts video blogs. On social media, she’s also huge – millions follow her on both Twitter and Instagram. To top it off, Yuya has even written two books titled Los Secretos de Yuya and Las Confesiones de Yuya! Born Mariand Castrejón Castañeda in Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico to parents Maribel and Andrés, her uncle gave her the nickname “Yuya” after a character from Mexican television named “Yuya la Gorda”. In 2018 she posed with J Balvin for the cover of Eres magazine. Recently in August 2019, Yuya started dating singer Siddhartha; by October 2021 they welcomed their son together! Prior to that relationship starting up, she was dating YouTuber Beto Pasillas until mid-2019.