8 Top Whitney Houston Bikini Pics

Whitney Houston Bikini

Whitney Houston was one of the most talented singers of our time. She had a career that spanned decades, and her iconic voice will never be forgotten. In addition to her stunning vocal performances, Whitney also had an enviable sense of style – including when it came to swimwear. To celebrate the legendary singer who left us too soon, we’ve put together a gallery of some of her best bikini photos from over the years. Take a look at these beautiful shots that capture Whitney’s grace and natural beauty!

Whitney Houston Bikini Pics

About Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was an incredible R&B and pop singer who made history for her hits like “Hold Me”. Growing up in a musical family with Dionne Warwick as her cousin and Aretha Franklin as her godmother, she created the soundtrack for The Bodyguard (starring herself and Kevin Costner) before tying the knot with Bobby Brown on July 18 1992. They had a daughter named Bobbi before getting divorced April 24 2007. She also sang a duet with Mariah Carey called “When You Believe” back in ’98.