8 Latest Wankaego Bikini Pics

Wankaego Bikini

K-pop star Wankaego recently released a series of sizzling bikini photos that set the internet ablaze. The group member and solo artist, who is known for her edgy fashion sense, showed off her toned body in the stunning snaps, which feature a range of colors from neon yellow to baby blue. Not only did Wankaego turn up the heat with her daring beachwear looks, she also had fans drooling with envy over her flawless complexion and bouncy blonde curls. Check out these amazing photos from Wankaego’s latest photoshoot!

Wankaego Bikini Pics

About Wankaego

Seven-time cover model Theresa Runyon, better known as rap artist Wankaego, is a Trill entertainment signee and self proclaimed Queen of Trill. Her journey in music began when she was just 15 writing songs with friends – though she never took it seriously until much later. Modeling helped boost her confidence and taught her the ins and outs of the entertainment industry. In 2019, the Orlando native welcomed her son into the world, and in 2015 had a feature on Soulja Boy’s song ‘Drop Head Phantom’.