6 Sexy New Viviana Michel Bikini Pics

Viviana Michel Bikini

Viviana Michel, a renowned bikini model, exudes confidence and elegance in her captivating bikini photos. Her stunning beach attire and radiant smile are sure to energize and inspire. With her impeccable physique and alluring presence, Viviana’s bikini images capture the essence of beauty and grace. Explore the allure and glamour of Viviana Michel’s bikini photos, and immerse yourself in a world of beachside glamour and sophistication.

Viviana Michel Bikini Pics

About Viviana Michel

Viviana Michel is a Mexican professional football player, born on January 23, 1998. She is known for her work as number 21 on the America Femenil club in the Liga MX Femenil league. In addition to her athletic career, she shares fitness modeling shots and photos of her playing with her over 330,000 followers on Instagram.

Prior to gaining recognition in professional soccer, Michel began her football career playing for the Chivas club. She also pursued higher education at the Technological University of Tennessee where she majored in sports training.

Moving forward in her career, Viviana Michel gained acclaim for playing as a right midfielder on the Mexico Under-20 national team. With roots in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico,she remains dedicated to advancing women’s soccer both domestically and internationally.