5 Sexy Viva Bianca Bikini Pics

Viva Bianca Bikini

Viva Bianca is an Australian actress and model who has charmed fans from all over the world with her stunning beauty. She recently made headlines when she posed for a sizzling bikini photoshoot that showcased her incredible figure. The photos featured her in several different two-piece bathing suits, ranging from classic black to bold patterns and colors. We’ve created this gallery of Viva Bianca’s best bikini moments so you can get an up close look at her toned physique and effortless style!

Viva Bianca Bikini Pics

About Viva Bianca

Viva Bianca’s rise to fame came after her portrayal of Ilithyia in the Starz series Spartacus: War of the Damned, alongside Lucy Lawless. She made her screen acting debut with Eugenie Sandler P.I., and has since appeared on Blue Heelers All Saints and The Strip, as well as films like The Reckoning (2014), Scorned (2013) and Accidents Happen (2009). Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, Viva is the child of acclaimed Polish composer Cezary Skubiszewski. After graduating with honors from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, she began her career which continues to grow today.