9 Sexy New Victoria Vanna Bikini Pics

Victoria Vanna Bikini

Victoria Vanna is a stunning model and social media influencer who has captured the attention of millions with her stunning bikini photos. The brunette beauty regularly posts images of herself wearing a variety of revealing swimsuits to her Instagram account, showcasing her enviable figure in all its glory. From classic two-pieces to daringly cut one pieces, Victoria’s looks always turn heads. In this gallery we take a look at some of the most eye-catching pictures from her page – prepare for major poolside envy!

Victoria Vanna Bikini Pics

About Victoria Vanna

Victoria Vanna is a Puerto Rican model and makeup artist who’s gained quite the Instagram following, totaling more than 90K! She not only has her own online brand called Koulure but she also serves as CEO of website FlyJetKing. Victoria first posted to Instagram in 2014 and since then has modeled for Lady Lux Boutique and appeared in the movie New Edition. Additionally, she was featured in French Montana and Kanye West’s music video for their song “Figure it Out.” Currently, Victoria is dating Rory Westfield.