10 Sexy New Victoria Sinitsina Bikini Pics

Victoria Sinitsina Bikini

Victoria Sinitsina is one of the most popular models in the world, and her bikini photos are some of her most admired. Her stunning figure and beauty have made her a fan favorite on Instagram, and now you can check out all of her best shots right here. From tropical vacations to beach days with friends, these images give us an inside look at Victoria’s life outside the studio. Get ready to swoon over these amazing Victoria Sinitsina bikini photos!

Victoria Sinitsina Bikini Pics

About Victoria Sinitsina

When she was a kid, Victoria Sinitsina had tonsillitis a lot, so her parents got her into ice skating to improve her health. By age ten, she was already an ice dancer – and it paid off! She won the gold at the 2012 World Junior Championships with her partner Ruslan Zhiganshin and later took home the silver medal at the 2016 Russian Championships with Nikita Katsalapov. Her first gold medal came when she won at the Junior Grand Prix Final in Quebec in 2011. Both of Victoria’s parents were gymnasts – Alexander and Tatiana – so it seems like success runs in their family! Danielle O’Brien is another famous champion ice dancer who made it big alongside Victoria.