9 Hot Sexy New Victoria Beckham Bikini Pics

Victoria Beckham Bikini

Victoria Beckham is no stranger to flaunting her killer curves in a bikini, and there’s no doubt that the former Spice Girl has looked amazing in every swimsuit she’s donned for beach days over the years. From string bikinis to one-pieces, Victoria Beckham has rocked them all with confidence and style. To celebrate her iconic beach looks, we’ve rounded up some of the best Victoria Beckham bikini photos of all time.

Victoria Beckham Bikini Pics

About Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, was one of the five members in the iconic Spice Girls group. She had a successful solo career and released several top-ten singles, including Out of Your Mind. When she was younger, her dad would drive her to school in his Rolls Royce – usually resulting in kids throwing stones at her! After leaving the Spice Girls, Victoria joined another band called Persuasion. The 1996 hit Wannabe became an international sensation reaching number one on the charts in 31 countries worldwide. On July 4th 1999 she married English soccer legend David Beckham and together they had four children; Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. In 2000 she began modelling and most recently was featured as the face for Marc Jacobs spring collection in 2008.