9 Hot Vicky Palacio Bikini Pics

Vicky Palacio Bikini

Vicky Palacio has captured the hearts of many with her stunning bikini photos. The Colombian model and actress is known for her sultry shots that show off her curves, as well as her positive attitude and contagious smile. Here, we take a look at some of Vicky’s most iconic bikini looks from photoshoots and vacations alike. From classic black bikinis to hot pink two-pieces, Vicky’s style is always on point.

Vicky Palacio Bikini Pics

About Vicky Palacio

Vicky Palacio is making waves on social media with her self-titled Instagram account. Her casual fitness and fashion modeling has earned her a large following, especially on TikTok where fans love to watch her lip-sync and dance videos. Vicky’s popularity began in 2014 when she started her Instagram page and now she has over 700k followers! She attended Florida State University and has an older brother named Brandon. In August 2021, model Olga Safari made an appearance on Vicky’s TikTok feed – boosting it even further!