9 Hot New Vera Miles Bikini Pics

Vera Miles Bikini

Vera Miles is an American actress who has been a part of Hollywood classics like Psycho, The Wrong Man, and Vertigo. She’s also worked in television shows such as Gunsmoke and Perry Mason. Recently, fans have been paying more attention to Vera Miles’ beauty after the release of her bikini photos on social media. Her sultry poses are capturing hearts everywhere and show that age is just a number when it comes to looking great in swimwear! In this photo gallery, we explore some of the most beautiful shots from Vera Miles’ photoshoot and revel in her timeless beauty.

Vera Miles Bikini Pics

About Vera Miles

Vera Miles is an actress known for her roles in classics like Psycho, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and The Searchers. In 1948, she was crowned Miss Kansas and went on to be the third runner-up in the 1951 Miss America pageant. She also had a few guest spots on Murder She Wrote. In addition to acting, Miles has been married three times – first to Bob Miles from 1948 to 1954; then Gordon Scott from 1954 to 1959; finally Keith Larsen from 1960 to 1971 – with whom she has four children: Debra Kelley, Michael, and Erik. Before Psycho made her famous, Vera played a small role in a 1951 musical production of Two Tickets To Broadway starring Janet Leigh (whom she’d later go on to play sister Lila Crane opposite in Hitchcock’s classic).