6 Steamy New Venus Angelic Bikini Pics

Venus Angelic Bikini

Venus Angelic is a well-known internet personality, fashion blogger and model who has captivated her fans with her distinct look. Recently, the star shared a series of sizzling bikini photos on Instagram in which she showed off her figure in various bright colored two-pieces. From vibrant bikinis to pastel hues, Venus’ eye-catching swimsuit looks are sure to inspire your next beach day wardrobe. Check out our gallery below for all of Venus’ stunning bikini looks!

Venus Angelic Bikini Pics

About Venus Angelic

Venus Angelic is a British YouTuber who’s become famous for her doll cosplay videos. She posts makeup tutorials, food challenges and gaming vids, usually Minecraft. When she was just six years old, Venus even had a bit part in the Swiss film Ready Steady Charlie! Her YouTube channel has earned her over 1.7 million subscribers so far. Plus, Venus’ been spotted rocking the preppy Jirai Kei Japanese fashion style in plenty of her pics. Born to Swiss and Hungarian parents in Brugg Switzerland, she eventually moved to London before finally settling down in Japan. Her real last name is Palermo and her mum’s name is Margaret – plus she also modeled for Bodyline alongside Kiko Mizuhara (who modeled for ViVi).