10 Sexy Hot Vanessa Ray Bikini Pics

Vanessa Ray Bikini

Vanessa Ray, best known for her role in the hit TV series Blue Bloods, has been making waves with her stunning bikini photos. Known for her effortless style and impeccable beauty, Vanessa’s bikini photos capture her natural charm and allure. From glamorous beach shoots to carefree poolside snapshots, Vanessa’s bikini photos are a must-see for fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. Join us as we explore Vanessa Ray’s most captivating bikini moments, and get ready to be mesmerized by her timeless elegance and grace.

Vanessa Ray Bikini Pics

About Vanessa Ray

Vanessa Ray, born on June 24, 1981 in Livermore, California, is a TV actress best known for her roles as Cece Drake on Pretty Little Liars and Eddie Janko on Blue Bloods. She also appeared in Devil’s Due and portrayed Teri Ciccone in the final season of As the World Turns.

Before gaining fame, Vanessa Ray Liptak made her on-screen debut in the 2003 short film The Sparky Chronicles. In addition to her television work, she appeared on Broadway as Crissy in a production of Hair.

Raised by parents involved in theater – with her father composing music for various local productions – Vanessa has been married twice: first to Derek James Baynham from 2003 until their divorce in 2009, and then to Landon Beard starting in 2015.