7 Sexiest Vanessa Claudio Bikini Pics

Vanessa Claudio Bikini

Vanessa Claudio is one of Mexico’s most beloved and accomplished telenovela stars. The multi-talented actress and singer has been gracing our screens for years, and her incredible beauty is undeniable. Her fans were delighted when she recently shared a series of beautiful bikini photos on social media, which we’ve compiled in an image gallery for your viewing pleasure. From sultry black-and-white shots to beachy snaps with friends, Vanessa looks amazing in every picture!

Vanessa Claudio Bikini Pics

About Vanessa Claudio

Vanessa Claudio is a model from San Juan, Puerto Rico who first made waves when she represented the country at the Miss Intercontinental 2006 pageant. She ended up as runner-up, and won the Miss Congeniality award. After that, Vanessa moved to Mexico where she started acting in El Pantera. Besides being a model and actress, Vanessa has also been a reporter for popular talk shows Véngache Pacá and Venga la Alegría. Her parents are Ulpiano Claudio and Vivian Rodríguez, and she’s currently dating Carlos Arenas. Recently Vanessa was tapped to provide commentary alongside fellow model Francisca Lachapel during the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.