10 Hottest New Valerie Taylor Bikini Pics

Valerie Taylor Bikini

Valerie Taylor is an Australian actress, model, and conservationist. She has been in the Hollywood spotlight since her breakout role as “Coral” in 1964’s ‘The Endless Summer’. Her iconic bikini looks have made her a pop culture icon for decades. Here we take a look at some of Valerie Taylor’s most beautiful bikini photos throughout the years, from classic black-and-white studio shots to beachside glamour.

Valerie Taylor Bikini Pics

About Valerie Taylor

Valerie Taylor was an absolute legend in the diving world – a professional diver, underwater photographer and cinematographer most famous for her work on Jaws. In 2000 she was inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame as one of its inaugural members. Valerie got her start deep-sea diving in 1956 and spearfishing in 1960, going on to become an Australian champion scuba diver and spearfisher. She then teamed up with her husband Ron (the two met at St Georges Spearfishing Club) to capture live footage of sharks for the 1970s documentary Blue Water White Death. And finally, she made history alongside Steven Spielberg and Roy Scheider during the Jaws movie series.