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Valentina Acosta Bikini

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Valentina Acosta Bikini Pics

About Valentina Acosta

Valentina Acosta is a Colombian TV actress, model, and presenter/host. She was born on July 23, 1982. Throughout her career, she has appeared in over 15 different TV series. In 2018, she portrayed the character Oliva Reyes in the telenovela “Intimate Enemy”.

Prior to her acting career, Acosta worked as a fashion model starting in 1997 before transitioning to television presenting in 1998 without graduating from high school.

She has been recognized for her work with nominations for the TVyNovelas Award and India Catalina Award. While primarily known for her television work, Acosta also had roles in films such as “Carrusel” (2012) and “The Game of Love” (2016).

Acosta comes from a family of actors; both her sister Juana Acosta and brother Ernesto Alterio are involved in the entertainment industry.