9 Stunning New Val Mercado Bikini Pics

Val Mercado Bikini

Val Mercado is an Instagram star and model known for her sultry bikini shots. The 25-year-old has earned millions of followers with her stunning photos, showing off her curves in some of the most beautiful swimwear around. From beachside lounging to poolside posing, Val’s bikini pics are sure to make any fan feel like they’re soaking up the sun with her. Here’s a look at some of Val’s best bikini photos that will have you longing for summer vacation!

Val Mercado Bikini Pics

About Val Mercado

Val Mercado is an awesome multi-hyphenate! She’s a model, journalist, blogger and aspiring actress who goes by “clothesmindedx3” on social media. Val has gained international recognition through her creative selfies which helped her to heal from depression while she was a full-time nursing student in New York City and balancing two jobs. She switched majors from nursing to journalism after being hired as a fashion blogger and red carpet reporter for Seventeen Magazine. Despite being born into a single parent home with seven siblings (her mom is only 13 years older than her!), Val had a happy childhood thanks to her mom’s love. Plus, she’s been dating actor AJ Saudin since 2016—talk about relationship goals! On top of all that, Val even worked as a production assistant on The Wendy Williams Show while in college—truly inspiring stuff!