8 Hot Traci Brooks Bikini Pics

Traci Brooks Bikini

Welcome to our gallery of Traci Brooks bikini photos! Traci Brooks is an American professional wrestler who has been a mainstay in the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) since 2003. She also served as Vice President of the company for seven years, and is now a performer on their weekly show IMPACT!. This gallery will showcase some of her best bikini looks over the course of her career, from promotional shoots to vacations and even a few candid moments caught on camera. Whether you’re just looking for inspiration or simply enjoy admiring her stunning physique, we have something here for everyone! So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of Traci Brooks’ most sizzling bikini shots!

Traci Brooks Bikini Pics

About Traci Brooks

Traci Brooks started out as a model before switching to wrestling in 2000. She gained fame for her performance in the TNA, not just as a wrestler but also being a valet and referee. In 2003, she put forward an ultimatum – if she wasn’t given the chance to fight for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, she’d sue them for sexual discrimination. On January 7 2010, Traci married fellow wrestler Frank Gerdelman and their first kid was born three years later. After taking some time off, Traci rejoined TNA in 2011 and helped save Mickie James’s debut match.