9 Sexy New Tory Burch Bikini Pics

Tory Burch Bikini

Welcome to our article and image gallery dedicated to Tory Burch bikini photos! While we all know and love Tory Burch for her iconic, sophisticated style, it’s nice to mix things up every now and then—and what better way than showing off some beach-ready looks? We’ve gathered together a collection of images featuring both classic styles as well as more daring pieces. Whether you’re looking for something timelessly chic or an out-of-the-box design, you’ll find something here that will get heads turning on the sand. So go ahead; browse through this collection of beautiful bikinis that bring out the best in Tory Burch’s signature look.

Tory Burch Bikini Pics

About Tory Burch

Tory Burch is an award-winning fashion designer and the creator of the hugely successful international brand Tory Burch. She’s known for her preppy bohemian style clothing and accessories. After graduating from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, she was named Accessories Designer of the Year by the CFDA in 2008. Tory has three sons – Henry, Sawyer and Nick – with her ex-husband J. Christopher Burch who she divorced in 2006. She’s definitely one to watch out for, with many high profile celeb fans like Blake Lively being spotted wearing her designs!