7 Steamy New Tori Nonaka Bikini Pics

Tori Nonaka Bikini

Welcome to our gallery of Tori Nonaka, the world renowned professional shooter. From her home in California to competition stages all around the globe, Tori has been making waves with her incredible shooting skills and her stunning bikini photoshoots! Here we have gathered some of the best images capturing this multi-talented athlete at her best. Enjoy a sneak peek into Tori’s life as she battles it out on the range and puts forth a showstopping performance with every appearance.

Tori Nonaka Bikini Pics

About Tori Nonaka

Tori Nonaka is a superstar sport shooter who has made a name for herself as one of the best female competitors in the US. She snagged gold at the 2015 IPSC US Handgun Championship and has also medaled multiple times at IPSC Handgun World Shoots while part of Team GLOCK. Hailing from Woodbridge Virginia, Tori began shooting when she was just 3-years-old! At age 12 she started attending U.S. Shooting Academy and, unbelievably, became the youngest ever to win USPSA Handgun Nationals title at 18. She comes from a family of four with siblings Shawn Brenna and Danielle. Fellow champion shooters Jamie Lynn Gray are also part of her squad!