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Tori Anderson Bikini

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Tori Anderson Bikini Pics

About Tori Anderson

Tori Anderson is a Canadian television actress, born on December 29, 1988 in Edmonton, Canada. She is best known for her role as Dr. London Blake on the Teen Nick series Open Heart, and she previously had a recurring role on The L.A. Complex.

Anderson’s first credited role was in 2003 when she guest-starred on Tru Calling. She has since appeared in several television movies and notable series such as Smallville, The 4400, Rookie Blue, Murdoch Mysteries, Warehouse 13 and Reign.

In addition to her work on Open Heart and The L.A. Complex, Anderson also had a recurring role as Blake on Blindspot in 2017.

She currently resides in Edmonton with her fiance Connor McCardle.