8 New Tonya Harding Bikini Pics

Tonya Harding Bikini

Welcome to our image gallery featuring memorable photos of Tonya Harding in her bikini! From the ice skating rink to the beach, Tonya Harding is known for having an impressive athletic ability and a unique style. In this gallery, we bring you some of her most iconic bikini photos that capture both her physical strength and fashion flair. Take a look as we delve into the world of Tonya Harding’s amazing outfits and poses!

Tonya Harding Bikini Pics

About Tonya Harding

Tonya Harding was an Olympic ice skater with a notorious reputation due to her involvement in the attack on fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan. At just 12, she managed to land the triple lutz, and went on to become the first American woman ever to complete a triple axel jump in competition. She won Skate America twice and had one son, Gordon, from her third marriage. In 2010 she tied the knot with Joseph Jens Price but was forever known for her alleged role in orchestrating the assault against Kerrigan.