8 Top Toni Breidinger Bikini Pics

Toni Breidinger Bikini

When it comes to having the perfect beach body, few can compete with Toni Breidinger. The professional surfer has been rocking her bikini bod for years and is the envy of many a beach dweller. She’s not afraid to show off her toned physique in all kinds of daring swimwear looks, whether it be on the sand or out in the waves. To celebrate this beautiful athlete, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite photos of Toni that highlight her amazing figure and fabulous sense of style! So if you’re looking for inspiration to rock your own summer look, these sizzling shots are sure to get you motivated!

Toni Breidinger Bikini Pics

About Toni Breidinger

Toni Breidinger has made a big splash in the stock car world, earning fame competing in the CARS Super Late Model Tour. After finishing as a W Series top 50 finalist in 2019, she became the first ever Arab female driver to make her NASCAR debut at Daytona International Speedway – a momentous achievement which saw her appear on Ellen and The Today Show, as well as being featured in print by outlets such as New York Post GQ Marie Claire Arabia People and CNN. She began racing go karts when she was 9 years old and signed with GMS Racing back in March of 2019. With over 1.8 million followers on TikTok alone, Toni is also the first NASCAR driver to be sponsored by a beauty brand. Her twin sister Annie is known for having raced alongside Hailie Deegan throughout California back in 2017.