7 Beautiful Tomomi Itano Bikini Pics

Tomomi Itano Bikini

Tomomi Itano is a Japanese singer, model and actress who rose to fame as an ex-member of the popular all-girl group AKB48. Her fans will no doubt be thrilled to learn that she recently shot an amazing beachwear photoshoot in various mesmerizing bikinis. This image gallery showcases her stunning beauty and brings us closer to experiencing the summer paradise of beaches and sunshine with Tomomi Itano! Enjoy these vibrant photos of her while soaking up the sun, sea breeze, and plenty of smiles!

Tomomi Itano Bikini Pics

About Tomomi Itano

Tomomi Itano is a Japanese performer who has killed it in the film, TV and music scenes. She’s best known as a singer – she was part of the mega-popular girl group AKB48, and had her own solo debut single ‘Dear J’ in 2011. Tomomi joined AKB48 back in 2005 when she was also modeling for Cawaii! Magazine. And, if that wasn’t enough to cement her status as an icon, 2012 saw her become one of the most sought-after stars for commercials – 20 companies chose to hire her that year! Born in Yokohama Kanagawa Prefecture Japan, Tomomi isn’t alone from AKB48 either: Minami Minegishi is another former member.