7 Hot Teresa Ruiz Bikini Pics

Teresa Ruiz Bikini

Welcome to our article and image gallery about Teresa Ruiz’s stunning bikini photos! Teresa Ruiz is a Mexican actress and singer best known for her recurring role as Estefania in the Netflix series Narcos: Mexico. Fans of the show have taken note of her beauty, especially after she was featured in a spread for FHM Magazine wearing some bikini looks that caught everyone’s attention. We’ve gathered some of her hottest shots from this photoshoot, plus other amazing swimsuit pics from social media. Check out these gorgeous images of Teresa Ruiz in bikinis now!

Teresa Ruiz Bikini Pics

About Teresa Ruiz

Teresa Ruiz is a renowned actress, especially known for her performance as Isabella Bautista in Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico. She’s had some great roles in films such as Viaje Redondo (2009) and Aquí en la Tierra (2018). Originally from Los Angeles California, Teresa won several Best Actress awards for her work in Viaje Redondo, including accolades from the Cartagena Film Festival and Guadalajara International Film Festival. As part of the famous López Mateo farming family, she co-starred with Diego Luna in Narcos: Mexico.