10 Hot Tenille Dashwood Bikini Pics

Tenille Dashwood Bikini

Wrestling fans around the world just got a treat this week as Tenille Dashwood, former TNA superstar and current Ring of Honor wrestler, unleashed her latest set of bikini photos on social media. Dashwood has been sharing stunning swimsuit pics from all over the world to her legions of followers ever since she first debuted in professional wrestling back in 2011. Her latest work includes sizzling pictures taken in beautiful locations such as California, Mexico, and Thailand. Keep reading to find out more about Tenille Dashwood’s journey through pro-wrestling and all the amazing places she’s visited while doing it!

Tenille Dashwood Bikini Pics

About Tenille Dashwood

Tenille Dashwood is an Australian professional wrestler who made waves in the industry. At only thirteen, she began training to become a wrestler and competed as Valentine before switching to her current stage name ‘Emma’. In 2013, Pro Wrestling Illustrated rated her one of the top fifty female single wrestlers and she won two ECCW Women’s Supergirls Championships for her efforts. She also appeared on The JBL & Cole Show web series playing herself. Tenille’s brother Jake introduced her to wrestling and in her first match with ECCW, she defeated Nicole Matthews – setting off a successful career!