7 Stunning New Taylor Cole Bikini Pics

Taylor Cole Bikini

Welcome to our gallery of Taylor Cole bikini photos! Taylor Cole is an American actress and model who has been featured in movies and television shows such as The Event, Supernatural, Entourage, CSI: Miami, Melrose Place 2.0, Harper’s Island and Hawaii Five-O. She is also a former Miss Teen USA. In this collection of images you will see her looking stunning in various swimsuits flaunting her toned physique. Enjoy the photos!

Taylor Cole Bikini Pics

About Taylor Cole

Former model-turned-actress Taylor Cole had a recurring role as Jennifer Starke in the TV drama The Glades and also made appearances on Family Guy, Numb3rs, Entourage, and an episode of Supernatural. She’s starred in commercials for brands such as Colgate and Old Spice, plus had a brief role alongside Seth Rogen in Green Hornet. Her stepdad is Shawn Christian; she married Kevin Simshauser back in 2015.