9 Latest Hot Stacey Plaskett Bikini Pics

Stacey Plaskett Bikini

Welcome to our article and image gallery about Stacey Plaskett, the US Virgin Islands’ congressional representative. We’ve gathered together a selection of her stunning bikini photos for you to enjoy!

For those who don’t know, Rep. Plaskett is an inspiration in many ways: she’s a lawyer, mother of four children and advocate for her constituents. She was elected to represent the USVI in 2016 and has since been actively involved in policy making that affects the entire Caribbean region.

But aside from being an impressive political leader, Rep. Plaskett is also known for her sense of style – especially when it comes to swimwear! From patterns, colors and cuts that flatter her figure perfectly, she certainly knows how to make a splash on vacation!

Take a look at this collection of Stacey Plaskett bikini photos; they’ll have you dreaming of sunny days spent by the beach or pool all year round!

Stacey Plaskett Bikini Pics

About Stacey Plaskett

Stacey Plaskett is an American politician, attorney and commentator. In 2014, she became the representative for the US Virgin Islands Congressional District in the House of Representatives. She earned her undergrad degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, then went on to get her Juris Doctorate from American University’s Washington College of Law. During Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, Plaskett served as a House manager. She is married to Jonathan Buckney-Small and has five kids. Before entering politics, Plaskett worked as Senior Counsel under James Comey at the Department of Justice.