6 Sexy Hot Sophia Urista Bikini Pics

Sophia Urista Bikini

Sophia Urista is a talented musician and model known for her captivating stage presence and mesmerizing voice. Her striking beauty and confidence are reflected in her stunning bikini photos, exuding charm and charisma. If you’re looking for alluring and captivating bikini shots, Sophia Urista’s photos are sure to captivate and inspire. Whether you’re a fan of her music or simply admire her beauty, these bikini photos are a must-see.

Sophia Urista Bikini Pics

About Sophia Urista

Sophia Urista (born November 1, 1985) is an American rock singer known for her work in the band Brass Against. She gained attention after an incident at a concert in November 2021 where she urinated on a fan. In addition to her work with the band, she has released over 10 singles as a solo artist.

Prior to fame, Brass Against released their first self-titled album in 2018 followed by Brass Against II in 2019. The band is noted for its brass instrument covers of songs by bands such as Rage Against the Machine and Tool. Their song “Pot” has received over 2 million streams on Spotify.

Urista is married to Instagram star Jessica King and they are expecting a child. She identifies as lesbian and resides in New York City.