10 Sexy Hot Sophia Loren Bikini Pics

Sophia Loren Bikini

Sophia Loren is an Italian actress and film star who has been a major influence on international cinema since the 1950s. The Oscar-winning actress, known for her iconic beauty and grace, is also remembered for her stunning swimsuit moments in movies like Boy on a Dolphin and It Started in Naples. Here we take a look back at some of Sophia Loren’s most memorable bikini photos throughout the years. From classic pinup shots to modern paparazzi captures, these images show how timelessly glamorous this Italian icon looks in two pieces!

Sophia Loren Bikini Pics

About Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is a world-famous Italian actress who won an Academy Award for her performance as Cesira in Two Women. She had a lot of other great roles, like Marriage Italian-Style, A Countess from Hong Kong, Sunflower, and More Than a Miracle. Before she broke into acting, she was even a finalist in a beauty pageant when she was just 14! Later, Sophia gave her voice to Mama Topolino in Cars 2. She married Carlo Ponti back in 1957 but the two got divorced six years later; however they eventually remarried again in 1966 and had two sons named Edoardo and Carlo. And lastly, when Sophia won her Academy Award for Two Women it made history because it was the first time an actor had won the award for a non-English role!