10 Stunning Sophia Latjuba Bikini Pics

Sophia Latjuba Bikini

Welcome to our article and image gallery featuring Sophia Latjuba’s stunning bikini photos! Off the set of her hit shows, movies, and music videos, Indonesian superstar Sophia Latjuba has been seen sporting a variety of show-stopping bikinis – from classic cuts to modern designs. This collection of images offers a glimpse at the star’s enviable figure in some truly beautiful beachwear. Keep scrolling for a dose of swimsuit inspiration and all the details on where you can get your hands on the looks.

Sophia Latjuba Bikini Pics

About Sophia Latjuba

Sophia Latjuba is an Indonesian actress and singer who’s known for films like Kuldesak and Tetangga Masa Gitu. She released a few albums such as Senyum Yang Hilang Lihat Saja Nanti and Tak Kubiarkan, plus made her film debut in 1997 with Bilur-Bilur Penyesalan. In 2008 she moved to LA to pursue acting further, where she took classes and auditioned for roles. She married jazz pianist Indra Lesmana back in 1992, having daughter Eva Celia together. Later on Sophia married Michael A Villareal, having another daughter Manuela. Recently she posted a pic on Instagram with actress Chelsea Islan!