8 Hottest New Sonia Isaza Bikini Pics

Sonia Isaza Bikini

Welcome to our article and image gallery featuring Sonia Isaza, the stunning Colombian model and actress. In these photos, you’ll find Sonia looking incredible in a variety of bikinis as she poses for the camera. From vibrant colors to classic cuts, there’s something here that will make any fan of this gorgeous Latina drool. Her sultry eyes and perfect figure create a truly mesmerizing sight that can’t be missed! Take a look through this amazing collection and see why Sonia Isaza has become one of Colombia’s most popular models.

Sonia Isaza Bikini Pics

About Sonia Isaza

Sonia Isaza is a Columbian fitness model who has taken Instagram by storm – amassing over 3.3 million followers! She moved to Cali in 2006 to start competing as a bodybuilder and has been sponsored by Muscleology. Originally from Pereira, she now lives in Cali with her daughter, Daniela Isaza (also an Instagram star), and son. In 2019, she was dating soccer player Arturo Vidal. Alongside Brittne Babe, Sonia’s journey of figure competitions and inspiring others through her ripped six pack and strenuous workouts can be found on her Instagram page.