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Sonam Bajwa Bikini

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Sonam Bajwa Bikini Pics

About Sonam Bajwa

Sonam Bajwa, born on August 16, 1989 in Nanakmatta, India, is a prominent Punjabi actress known for her impactful roles in movies such as “Best of Luck” and “The Return Of Sardaarji.” She has also made an appearance in the Tamil film “Kappal” and secured roles in two Telugu films in 2016.

Prior to her fame as an actress, Bajwa began her career as a model and participated in Femina Miss India in 2012. Her debut into the film industry occurred in 2013. Notably, she is an alumna of Delhi University and before embarking on her media career, gained experience as a flight attendant.

Born and raised in Nanakmatta, India, Sonam Bajwa’s talent and dedication have solidified her status as a well-respected figure within the entertainment industry.