8 Beautiful Solange Knowles Bikini Pics

Solange Knowles Bikini

Solange Knowles is known for her bold fashion choices and statement-making style. From her iconic Met Gala look to a recent vacation photo of her rocking a bikini, the singer-songwriter always knows how to make an impression. In honor of Knowles’ one-of-a-kind beachwear looks, we’ve put together this article and image gallery of some of her best moments in a two-piece swimsuit. From exotic getaways with friends to family vacations with her son, these photos will have you wishing you could take styling cues from the star like she’s your very own personal stylist!

Solange Knowles Bikini Pics

About Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles is a singer, model and Beyonce’s little sister. She made it to the top with her 2016 album A Seat At The Table, becoming her first US #1. From way back when she was five years old, performing at an amusement park marked her singing debut. She even created a cool Baby Jamz hip-hop toy line for pre-schoolers! In 2004 she tied the knot with Daniel Smith and had a son named Daniel Jr., but unfortunately they divorced three years later. 2014 saw her marry Alan Ferguson – until 2019 that is when they split. Nowadays she’s dating jazz composer Gio Escobar. Her amazing parents are Mathew and Tina Knowles.