7 Hottest New Sofia Chicorelli Serna Bikini Pics

Sofia Chicorelli Serna Bikini

Welcome to an image gallery featuring the stunning and sultry Sofia Chicorelli Serna in her best bikini looks! We’ve compiled a collection of photos that showcase why this Venezuelan beauty has become a social media sensation. From posing on the beach, to hanging out by the pool, Sofia knows how to show off her curves and toned physique with style. Read on to find out more about this fashionista and get inspired by her amazing bikini looks!

Sofia Chicorelli Serna Bikini Pics

About Sofia Chicorelli Serna

Sofia Chicorelli Serna is a TV and movie star best known for her part in Dhar Mann’s show. She made her acting debut back in 2014 with the short movie Heritage, and more recently was an extra in 12 Strong (2018). If you follow her on Instagram, you’d know she’s got a pet cat called Precious, plus an older brother. Plus, she’s also worked with celebrities like Lele Pons and Hannah Stocking!