8 Hot Shaun Robinson Bikini Pics

Shaun Robinson Bikini

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Shaun Robinson Bikini Pics

About Shaun Robinson

Shaun Robinson, born on July 11, 1962 in Detroit, Michigan, is a prominent TV show host best known for her work as a correspondent and host of Access Hollywood. She also presented the TV One network’s program, TV One Access. Earlier in her career, she served as a news anchor for Miami’s WSVN-TV station.

Prior to her success in broadcasting, Robinson graduated from Spelman College in Atlanta and began her broadcast career with Detroit’s WGPR-TV62 station. She then earned an Associated Press Award for her journalism work with WISN-TV in Milwaukee.

During her time at Miami’s WSVN-TV channel, she covered significant events such as the Bill Clinton impeachment proceedings and the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Born and raised in Detroit, Robinson attended the same high school that notable figures like comedienne Lily Tomlin and singer Diana Ross had earlier graduated from. Her marriage to professional baseball outfielder Darryl Hamilton ended in divorce.