10 New Sharon Stone Bikini Pics

Sharon Stone Bikini

Sharon Stone is an iconic actress and fashion icon, known for her roles in films like Basic Instinct and Casino. In the decades since her rise to fame, she’s maintained a stunning figure — one that she often shows off on vacation or at events. Today we have a special treat: a photo gallery featuring Sharon Stone in some of her best bikini looks over the years. From sultry poolside shots to beachy photoshoots, this collection of photos will make you recognize why Sharon has been an inspiration to fans around the world for so many years. Enjoy!

Sharon Stone Bikini Pics

About Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is a seductive actress who rose to fame with her 1992 film Basic Instinct. She also appeared in Casino, War and Remembrance, and King Solomon’s Mines. After quitting school to pursue modelling in New York City, she won a Golden Globe Award for her performance in Casino. Her marriage to Michael Grenburg lasted from 1984-1990 and they had three sons – Roan Laird and Quinn. In Basic Instant, she shared the screen with fellow actor Michael Douglas.