8 Sexy New Shannon Chan-Kent Bikini Pics

Shannon Chan-Kent Bikini

Welcome to our article and image gallery featuring Shannon Chan-Kent, the Canadian actress best known for her role as Supergirl’s Winn Schott in The CW’s superhero series “Supergirl”. We have gathered her most gorgeous bikini photos that she has shared with fans on social media over the past few years. Get ready to take a look at some of Shannon’s sizzling hot looks!

Shannon Chan-Kent Bikini Pics

About Shannon Chan-Kent

Shannon Chan-Kent is a Canadian voice actress and singer who has become well-known for her work on animated shows, particularly voicing Pinkie Pie in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She first appeared on TV in 2003, when she starred in Sabrina’s Secret Life. She holds a Masters Degree in Opera from the University of British Columbia, and has also worked as an opera singer. Coming from Vancouver BC, Shannon co-starred with Matthew Bennett in Nickelodeon movie Spectacular! in 2009.