20 Latest Hot Shanann Watts Bikini Pics

Shanann Watts Bikini

Shanann Watts was a beautiful young mother of two who was tragically murdered by her husband in 2018. In the months leading up to her death, Shanann enjoyed spending time with her family and friends, and she loved to show off her figure in sexy bikinis.

In this image gallery, we take a look at some of Shanann’s most stunning bikini photos. From poolside selfies to beach vacations, these snapshots give us a glimpse into the life of a happy young woman who was taken too soon.

Shanann Watts Bikini Pics

About Shanann Watts

Shanann Watts was one of the three victims of the Watts family murders in August 2018. The widely known mother-of-two was killed by her husband, Chris Watts, who is now serving multiple life sentences in prison. Shanann’s posthumous appearances in archival footage have given insight into her happy life before the tragedy occurred.

Shanann originally met Chris in 2010 and the two soon welcomed their first child, Bella, into the world in 2013. Their younger daughter, Cece, was born in 2015. Shanann found success as a representative for multi-level marketing company Le-Vel and also appeared posthumously on the TV series 20/20 and Criminal Confessions.

While Shanann’s life ended tragically, her memory lives on through her loved ones. She is survived by her parents Frank and Sandi Rzucek, as well as her brother Frankie Rzucek.