9 Hot New Poppy Bikini Pics

Poppy Bikini

Welcome to our beautiful collection of poppy bikini photos! Get ready to be inspired by these stunning images of the ultimate in beachwear. From elegant and sophisticated two-pieces, to bold and daring one-pieces, these poppies show off their style with each snap. Whether it’s a sunny day at the beach or a romantic evening on the terrace, these gorgeous pictures will transport you straight into summertime bliss. So sit back, relax and let your eyes wander as you take in all the vibrant colors and patterns that make up this unique fashion statement.

Poppy Bikini Pics

About Poppy

Poppy, real name Moriah Pereira, is a singer who rose to fame with her singles Lowlife and Everybody Wants To Be Poppy. In 2017 she released her full-studio album Poppy.Computer and won the Streamy for Breakthrough Artist of the Year that same year. She has had an active presence on social media since 2011, when she joined Twitter, then followed up with a YouTube channel in October. Every week she posts vlogs and music videos on her own YouTube channel as well as releasing her Im Poppy series on the YouTube Red channel in 2018. Originally from Boston Massachusetts before moving to Nashville Tennessee, Poppy was seen attending the Young Hollywood event hosted by Teen Vogue in 2015 alongside Zella Day!