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Penny McNamee Bikini

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Penny McNamee Bikini Pics

About Penny McNamee

Penny McNamee, born on March 17, 1983 in Sydney, Australia, is a stage and screen actress. She gained recognition for her role as Charlie Cooper in the 2006 series “Headland” and later starred as Tori Morgan in the long-running soap opera “Home and Away”.

McNamee’s first major acting opportunity post high school was securing the lead role in The Witches of Eastwick at Melbourne’s Princess Theatre. Notably, she received a Green Room Award for Best Female in a Supporting Role for her performance as Nessarose in Australia’s production of “Wicked” (2009).

She comes from a family with ties to acting; her younger sister Jessica is also an accomplished actress. In 2009, McNamee married Matt Tooker and they have two children together.