10 Sexy Michelle Monaghan Bikini Pics

Michelle Monaghan Bikini

It seems Michelle Monaghan is always one step ahead of the game when it comes to her fashion and style. The actress is currently slaying the red carpet with her daring looks, but now she’s turning heads for an entirely different reason: her latest bikini photos! The star was recently spotted in a stylish two-piece swimsuit that showed off her toned body and proved age really shouldn’t matter when it comes to looking good by the pool. Keep reading to find out more about Michelle’s stunning look!

Michelle Monaghan Bikini Pics

About Michelle Monaghan

Model-turned-actress Michelle Monaghan has made quite a name for herself with her roles in movies like Eagle Eye, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Pixels, Mission: Impossible III and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. She also starred as Maggie Hart in the first season of HBO’s True Detective. Before she was an actress, she attended Columbia College in Chicago where she studied Journalism. We’ve seen her in other films too such as Source Code (2011) and Due Date (with Robert Downey Jr). In 2005, Michelle married Peter White and the couple have two kids – Willow (born 2008) and Tommy (born 2013).