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Michaela Maurerova Bikini

Michaela Maurerova is a Czech model and social media influencer known for her stunning bikini photos that have captured the attention of audiences worldwide. With a strong online presence, she has garnered a significant following for her glamorous beachwear shots, showcasing not only her beauty but also her love for fashion and travel. Her captivating images have solidified her as an influential figure in the world of swimwear modeling, inspiring many with her confident and empowering portrayal of beachside elegance.

Michaela Maurerova Bikini Pics

About Michaela Maurerova

Michaela Maurerova is a Czech actress and presenter known for her work on the shows “First Republic” (2014), “Street” (2005), and “The Journey to Vienna and Back” (2007). She has also appeared in films such as “Waterloo After Czech” (2002) and “You Like God” (2009).

Before pursuing her acting career, she studied at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Her first film role was in 1990’s “The Last Butterfly”, with her television debut following in 2001 on the series “The Third”.

Besides her acting work, Maurerova is also active on social media where she shares family-related photos with over 80,000 followers.

Born in Havirov, Czechoslovakia, she was raised in Prague. In June 2012, she married Milan Kozisek.