9 Hot Sexy New Melanie Griffith Bikini Pics

Melanie Griffith Bikini

It’s no secret that Melanie Griffith is still one of the hottest women in Hollywood. Even at age 63, the actress continues to turn heads with her stunning figure and ageless beauty. Recently, she has been taking the internet by storm with her latest bikini photos. From sultry selfies to playful beach snaps, these photos show off Griffith’s toned physique and undeniable allure. In this article, we take a look at some of Melanie Griffith’s most recent swimsuit shots and discuss why they have been so popular on social media.

Melanie Griffith Bikini Pics

About Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith is a well-known leading lady, famous for her appearances in romantic comedies like Working Girl. She was nominated for awards thanks to her performance as Holly in Body Double, and even had a commercial at just nine months old! As the daughter of Tippi Hedren, she’s certainly made a name for herself. Her love life has been full of ups and downs – she married Antonio Banderas in 1996 and welcomed their daughter Stella shortly after but eventually split after 20 years together. Alongside Dakota (her daughter) and Alexander (her son), Melanie has also been married to Don Johnson twice – although both marriages ended in divorce.