10 Hottest Marie Osmond Bikini Pics

Marie Osmond Bikini

Marie Osmond recently made headlines after photos of her wearing a bright pink bikini while enjoying some time on the beach went viral. Taking to social media, Marie showed that age is only a number and she looks amazing at 58 years old! People were amazed by her fantastic figure, proving that hard work and dedication really can pay off. In this article, we’ll take a look at how Marie Osmond manages to maintain such an enviable physique.

Marie Osmond Bikini Pics

About Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond is a pop entertainer who co-hosted the show The Osmonds with her brother Donny from a young age. She even made an appearance on The Andy Williams Show when she was only three! Marie and Donnie were well known for their singing/dancing family act, and Marie also had quite a few romantic relationships over the years. She got married twice – to Steve Craig in 1982 and Brian Blosil in 1986 – before remarrying Steve again in 2011. In total, she has four sons and four daughters. Fun fact: she was offered the role of Sandy in Grease, but rejected it which eventually went to Olivia Newton-John!