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Lucie Bila Bikini

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Lucie Bila Bikini Pics

About Lucie Bila

Lucie Bila is a renowned Czech pop singer born on April 7, 1966, in Otvovice, Czech Republic. She has achieved widespread acclaim for her music and performances in musicals.

Bila made her mark with albums like Missariel (1992) and gained further recognition for her roles in productions such as Excalibur. Before pursuing a career in singing, she trained as a seamstress.

In 2000, she received the Ceny Thalie award for Best Female Performance in an Operetta/Musical for her outstanding work in the musical Joan of Arc. Bila is also known to be a mother; her son Filip was born in 1996. She has been married twice – first to Stanislav Penk and then to Vaclav Barta.